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Aesthetics & Complex Dental Cases – Dental Seminar

Continuing dental education is important at AK Dental Arts in Staten Island, NY

Aesthetic Dental Excellence

Aesthetic Excellence is the focus of the coursework at the prestigious Spear Education Seminar in Boston, Mass.. Many of our patients are interested in looking their best – for career advancement, for relationships and for self-esteem.

Complex Dental Cases

The coursework focused on diagnosis of and creation of treatment plans for more complex dental cases that require multiple approaches to create dental health for patients who need this level of service.

Specific coursework included:

  • Use of dental lasers
  • Correction of misaligned teeth
  • Making decisions regarding different aesthetic materials
  • Laboratory communications
  • Implant decisions

Why it’s important for your dentist to keep current

Improvements in dental science and practices in the past 30 years have resulted in better outcomes, more effective preventive dentistry, reduced or eliminated discomfort and less time in the dentist’s chair.