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Break a front tooth? Look better fast!

It’s a regular job here to face an emergency situation with a patient who has a severely fractured front tooth that can’t be restored quickly and easily. The person understandably doesn’t want to leave the office without a replacement tooth, but there isn’t enough tooth left to cement or reattach the broken tooth.

Preserve Dental Aesthetics – Resume Normal Activities

Over the years, we have developed a technique where we bond the broken tooth segment to the adjacent stable teeth. This restores the aesthetics and function, and allows the patient to immediately resume their activities, whether that includes an evening out, a job interview or an important speech.

Time to Choose a Permanent Dental Restoration

This is not a permanent solution, but it does provide time for the patient to adapt to the new situation and make choices for the permanent restoration. Some of our patient are “wearing the bonded tooth” for over 5 years.

Walk out with a smile!

The fact that we can do this procedure instantly and without pain is wonderful for the patient, who walks out of our office with a smile.