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Zirconia Crowns – strong, affordable and great-looking

Zirconia Crowns - strong, affordable and great-looking!

As the price of gold and precious metal have skyrocketed, the dental industry has searched for viable alternatives to provide aesthetic as well as affordable crowns.

Metal with the look and feel of porcelain

Zirconia is one of the answers to this dilemma. Zirconia, although it looks porcelain-like, is actually a metal oxide. Yet, in looks and touch, there is no hint at all that this is, in fact, metal. It is extremely strong and exhibits similar, if not better strength than standard metal/porcelain crowns.


These zirconia crowns can be colored to match most colors of teeth. They are slightly more opaque than regular porcelain, but can be overlayed with porcelain to harmonize with adjacent teeth. Although their metal-like characteristics resist breaking, there is no metal margin that is frequently seen in porcelain fused to metal crowns.

The cements used to adhere Zirconia crowns are different than cements used to glue other types of crowns, due to Zirconia’s chemical composition.

Read more about Zirconia crowns on the Glidewell Laboratories website, or view the video below that demonstrates the strength of Zirconia crowns.

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