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Debunking Dental Fads – What you need to know

Don't fall for dental fads advertising - smile makeovers, snap-on smiles, and dental implants. Good quality dental care can be "conservative".

Everyone who reads the paper, watches TV, or listens to the radio has heard the commercials about smile makeovers, snap-on smiles, and dental implants. Advertising dental fads is meant to attract people who need and want better teeth.  It offers a quick fix by supplying a solution without first evaluating whether that solution is the best choice for their individual circumstances and health.

Take implants, for example.  Sometimes implants are the correct solution, but in other situations, implants could be more costly, time-consuming and uncomfortable than fixing existing teeth. Saving original teeth, when possible, can be the best, most suitable option. It could save thousands of dollars, surgery, and possible complications in the event the implant fails. Not all teeth are salvageable, and there are times that it is better, economically and health-wise, to extract a tooth rather than trying to save it.

“Conservative” Dental Care for Better Results, Overall Less Cost

I call everyday dentistry “conservative” dental care – routine preventive and restorative work that preserves teeth.  That includes regular cleaning and preventive examinations, fillings, crowns, root canal, and periodontal treatment. The idea is to keep teeth healthy, perform less dentistry and provide good care at a reasonable cost. These conservative services do result in some costs that have to be weighed against more aggressive treatment, but they are typically less than for high-dollar dental fad services.

Options for Your Individual Health

If you find your dentist is not presenting all of the options to you for care, including conservative care that could allow you to keep your teeth, get a second opinion. Unscrupulous dentists want to sell an expensive one-size-fits-all solution and not present more conservative options.  Patients can feel there is no other alternative than to extract their teeth and follow through with more advanced, costly dentistry. Don’t get caught up in the hype and advertising.

Get Good Quality Care that’s Best for Your Mouth and Your Wallet

Dentists who care about their patients understand the desire for quick results.  Good dentists have a wide range of options to help you make the best decision for your teeth, for your overall health and at a reasonable price. The ethical approach is to present all viable options and costs, and for your dentist to patiently discuss them in a way you can understand. Most dentistry can be delivered more conservatively than not – and with long term benefit to the patient’s health and well-being.

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