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Dental Education Seminar: Implants of the Future and Traumatic Childhood Injuries

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The head clinician of Spear Education, Dr. Frank Spear, is a world-renowned educator and practicing dentist who has helped advance the profession of dentistry in the areas of implants, prosthodontics, dental materials, and occlusion.

Spear Education’s continued updates and advanced course options continue to evolve and teach interested dentists the skills and knowledge necessary to be leaders in our profession.

Dental Implant Success & the Future

During the seminar, we reviewed implants, how to be more successful with the recipient implant site, how best to restore the implants, what new materials are here now, and what is evolving.

Traumatic Frontal Injuries in Children

A segment of the seminar was devoted to traumatic frontal injuries in young patients. Such young patients who have lost front teeth cannot have placement of implants due to the fact that the jaws are still growing and maturing. In the Scandanavian countries, dentists are transplanting the lower undeveloped tooth bud bicuspids of these same individuals into the bone of the upper front site and having them erupt as if they were the front incisors. After enough growth, eruption, and development, these “bicuspid” appearing teeth are reshaped and crowned into normal looking incisors.

The Fantastic Future of Implants

In fact the future of dental implants are not metal titanium at all. They will probably be tooth buds harvested in a petri dish and re-implanted back into the patients’ own mouth. The fear of proper development, aesthetics and rejection will be minimized. This is the true future of dentistry and medicine.

Coming in December: Occlusion

Occlusion is the relationship between the upper and lower teeth when they approach each other, as occurs during chewing or at rest. Malocclusion is the misalignment of teeth and jaws, or more simply, a “bad bite”. Malocclusion can cause a number of health and dental problems. As most practicing dentists agree, understanding occlusion is the biggest key to success in the completion of a case.
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