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Emergency Dentistry: Who do you trust? Who can you reach?

Do you ever think about the relationship you have with your dentist? I mean, do you ever think about the emergency services he or she can provide you, your family, your friends? Can you reach your dentist directly, or is there only a message machine or no message at all?

Putting off care can result in emergency dentist needs

Have you lost your dental benefits, or had them substantially reduced so you “can’t come in because I don’t have dental insurance”. This is the worst thing a person can do for dental health and your pocketbook. Find out why in our next article, Preventive vs. Emergency Dental Care.

Choosing a Dentist

Some patients choose a dentist because he is “cheap” or he is “on your plan”. Certainly the amount you have to pay out of your pocket is important, but the small difference in fees can make a huge difference in your care, outcome and inconveniences. Does your “cheap” dentist care about your dental health and pain after hours, not just when it’s convenient for him?

How Available is Your Dentist?

Even if you take care of your teeth, sometimes accidents do happen. What if you are in pain and need to see your dentist? How available are they? Do they make you wait days or weeks to see you, or do they recognize your discomfort and get you right in? Make sure you have someone who you can contact at any time and who will get right back to you.

Talk to a dentist Directly Off-Hours

Our office is one of the only Staten Island dental offices where you can reach the Dr. directly during off-hours. Imagine being able to directly call the Dr. himself, tell him about your pain or concerns and have him help you right away, easing your fear and alleviating your pain. The Dr. will even call you back if immediately unavailable.

At AK Dental Arts, we provide “old world” caring with “new world technology”. Call us today at 718-448-3366 and find out for yourself.