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Geriatric Dentistry – Keeping Your Mouth Healthy for a Lifetime

geriatric dentistry - AK Dental Arts in Staten Island NY

In the not-so-distant past, it was routine to regard teeth as disposable, and when problems occurred, it was a common occurrence to have them removed rather than save them. With advances in dentistry and reconstructive techniques, that’s no longer the case. Saving natural teeth helps to avoid problems, expense, and discomfort, and supports healthy nutrition throughout a lifetime.

Although genetics play a role in the health of teeth, and accidents do happen, some people view their teeth as optional, removable appendages. But patients who recognize the importance of a healthy mouth and teeth, and their role in good nutrition and overall health, can help to ensure their teeth last a lifetime.

What can you do to keep your teeth healthy and working hard for you?

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Make routine preventative visits to the dentist
  • Don’t ignore warning signs of tooth or gum problems, which can include odor, bleeding, on and off pain, and teeth that wobble or wiggle.
  • If you do loose a tooth, be sure to replace it with an implant or bridge so other teeth don’t shift and create an unstable environment that can lead to poor bite, decay, breakage and malnutrition.
  • Follow the advice of your dentist about avoiding and correcting problems and caring for your vintage mouth and teeth.

Dedicated to dental health

We here at AK Dental Arts in Staten Island NY are delighted that many of our elder patients have kept their natural teeth for a lifetime. We salute their dedication to the mundane daily tasks of regular brushing and flossing and enjoy and appreciate their scheduled visits to us.

It’s never too late to have a healthier mouth. Why not start today? Call AK Dental Arts at 718-448-3366 or contact us to schedule your dental appointment.