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Continuing Education – New Technology for Better Dental Care

The national American Dental Association offers continuing education courses, some of which highlight new technology for better dental care. This allows dentists to explore and experience new technologies and determine if they meet practice goals for improving the quality, time, and comfort of patients.

new technology for better dental care

Enhanced Vision Glasses Improve Patient Care

For example, a new headset made by Orascoptic upgrades optics and lighting. This completely wireless device, called Eyezoom, allows  enlarging any field of my vision into a selected 3x, 4x, or 5x magnification. A gentle touch to the temple of the frames of these new eyeglasses directs focused lighting exactly where needed from a centered LED headlamp. Patients benefit from the increase in vision, perception, and illumination.

Improved Bonding Light

Newer porcelains, composites, and bonding agents are sometimes featured, including new bonding lights.

Video Impression Technology

Video camera devices, when connected to a computer, create digital impressions of prepared teeth for crowns using an image of a tooth or section of the mouth. After review and adjustments by a dentist, the image can be sent to a dental laboratory.  The lab then converts the image into a virtual 3-D model, allowing them to create the actual crown. This technology reduces or eliminates the need to take impressions in the mouth, speed the construction of a crown, and increase patient comfort dramatically. Not yet available for dentures, the technology is currently only available for hard tooth structure.  Stay tuned for more information…

Continuing Education Important for Quality Patient Care

Even though insurance companies have cut back benefits and affected my practice, we are dedicated to continuing to enhance and upgrade my education and new technology for better dental care. Our philosophy is to be the best dental provider we can be and to continue to provide our patients with the best possible care at a fair cost.

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