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Take good care of your child’s teeth now for a lifetime of benefits

See a pediatric dentist about your baby's teeth, as taking care of baby teeth can help to ensure a lifetime of health and beauty for your child. Photo credit anitapeppers at
Photo credit anitapeppers

Did you know that taking care of baby teeth can help to ensure a lifetime of health and beauty for your child?  Your child deserves the best possible foundation for a lifetime of dental health, function, and aesthetics. Issues that impact the aesthetics and function of a child’s teeth as they grow up will affect the child for life:

  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • A cavity-free environment
  • A less-than ideal eruption pattern
  • Disharmonious position of permanent teeth
  • The location of teeth within the proper position of the jaws.

Doesn’t your child deserve the best possible foundation for a lifetime of success?

Childhood cavities are no longer the rule

When the baby boomers were children, some of us had cavities.  It was expected that some of us would have multiple fillings before we entered high school. Many of the children I see today who receive early good basic dental care from a pediatric dentist don’t usually get cavities.

Why the difference?

  • Widespread use of fluoride, which acts by incorporating into the enamel building blocks of phosphate and calcium, making these building blocks more resistant to decay.
  • Better diet
  • Good dental care, including use of electric toothbrushes, learning proper tooth-brushing techniques, using flouride rinses, and protecting teeth with flouride varnishes.
  • Regular dental visits with a pediatric dentist so problems can be identified and treated early while they are still small.
  • Establishment of the habits of cleaning and taking care of the teeth and mouth and regular checkups.

Not just baby teeth

baby bottle caries - children's cavities from sleeping with a bottle

Even with fluoride, there is no defense  against major dental neglect. A baby who sucks on a bottle for a long time, allowing teeth to contact milk, formula, or fruit juice, may suffer from extensive decay (baby bottle caries). This can result in early loss of baby teeth which are essential to properly guiding in the permanent teeth. When I see parents who neglect to have their children’s teeth examined and treated early, they say, “they are just baby teeth” or ‘they will fall out anyway”. Nothing is further from the truth.

They aren’t just baby teeth. Those small gems serve the essential purpose of providing guide points for the permanent teeth to erupt. They determine facial form and aesthetics. Keeping baby teeth healthy and in place until the permanent teeth emerge ensures your child will have a chance to retain the natural beauty they were intended to have – and that the permanent teeth have the best possible opportunity to emerge in the proper location.

The cost of neglecting children’s dental care

I see parents who think that they can skimp on their children’s dental care until they are forced to have checkups when the child enters school – or even older!

Without proper care, baby teeth can hurt and get infected, just like permanent teeth. Losing a baby tooth before the permanent tooth is ready to come in can result in lifelong consequences:

  • Changed facial form
  • Crooked teeth that are difficult to clean and can lead to bad breath
  • Less attractive smile, which affects social interaction and success in life.
  • Poor bite and malnutrition.
  • Difficulty speaking clearly.
  • Increased need for expensive braces and future restorative dental work.

Good childhood dental care pays huge dividends

Taking care of baby teeth seems like a small thing – but good care early in life pays huge dividends!

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