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Your Child’s First Dental Visit – First Step to a Lifetime of Dental Health

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Times have changed

Our grandparents took losing teeth for granted, and many of us remember a childhood where fillings were a routine part of a trip to the dentist. Times have changed, and nowhere more than children’s dentistry. Thanks to early detection of problems and proactive treatment of early cavities and other problems, it’s not uncommon for children to graduate from high school without a single cavity and with beautiful teeth. Indeed, today’s children may be the first generation to keep their natural teeth their entire lives with good dental care and healthy mouth habits.

At 2 ½, most baby teeth are in

Although there is no specific age that a child must go to a dentist, it is universally accepted that a child’s first dental visit should be made around the age of 2½. Why? At this age most or all of the child’s primary (baby) teeth will have erupted into the oral cavity.

What happens at the first dentist visit?

At that first, very important visit to the dentist, the dentist will:

  • Provide a good experience of visiting the dentist so a good relationship with the dentist can be started, any fears of the dentist can be squelched, and to lay the foundation for a lifetime of good dental care.
  • Examine the child’s mouth and teeth for normal growth and development
  • Evaluate crowding and possible abnormal relationships between the upper and lower jaws or teeth
  • Look for possible cavity formation. Early detection of cavities allows for proactive remineralization of damaged enamel so drilling and fillings are avoided.
  • Identify habits such as thumb sucking or drinking sugary beverages and recommend solutions and healthy options.
  • Reinforce good behaviors and set the standard that taking care of teeth and mouth is a normal part of staying healthy.

Healthy mouth and teeth: important for healthy children throughout their life

Early childhood dental visits can detect and correct problems before they cause additional and possible permanent damage – and start your child on a lifetime of good dental habits. Having a healthy mouth and teeth are an important part of a healthy childhood – for children who can expect to keep their teeth for their entire lifetime.

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